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Fuck you black cab drivers. It’s Uber all the way for me now.

Another winner from @Reprobatemum. After one too many incidents at the whim of an aggressive taxi driver, she ponders the demise of the friendly black cabbie and champions Uber, the cashless, eco-friendly, named driver service. A brilliant read that would outclass anything I could write, but a sentiment that I share entirely.

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2016 Blogger Calendar

@YorkshireDad of came up with a brilliant idea to do a blogger's calendar to raise money for charity. After talking with him, I've decided to make it happen.

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Can You Guess The Song

Can you guess the kids song from my son and his sister’s actions alone?  The video is supposed to be quiet for the fist couple of minutes so there is nothing wrong with your volume.


My Week At Home

After 8 weeks away, I finally get to spend some time with my family. I have just returned to Germany having spent a wonderful week with my wife and kids in our new home in England. It's been a funny old week, and one thing I tried to cut back on was social media and by proxy blogging. As a result it feels like I have so much to say, but what I have to say does not warrant separate posts, so instead I'm gonna collate them all here into this one single post of my week by theme.

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It's been some weeks now since my family moved back to the UK whilst I see out my contract working in Germany having moved into a block of rooms similar to that of a Premier Inn, Holiday Inn or other such budget hotel. I had a George Foreman grill, but having set the fire alarm off twice by using it, I binned it. As a result, the large fridge freezer was only being used to hold microwave meals and cans of diet coke, both of which I'm finding I can't afford in the current climate, particularly when I can have a 2 course lunch and a 3 course dinner cooked for me, with no washing up, for the combined cost of €4.18. The problem is, having been unable to afford supplementation, or bulk loads of meat and now with no-where to store or cook it, I have noticed a dramatic affect on my body. Now, by being frugal with my money and being forced to seek alternatives to home cooked meals, I am left eating whatever the catering contractor deems is suitable for me, with absolutely no knowledge of what is going into my meals. The results have been horrible, particularly for someone with my goals.

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Memories On My Fridge

The magnets themselves were of a really good quality, now obviously the quality of them will be determined by the original photograph, at least in part anyway. But I thought the print quality was exceptional. There was no pixelation or blurring. There was no colour bleed or edging and I was really impressed and...well...the magnets worked. They were smaller than expected at 50x65mm and 0.75mm thick, and I'm not sure if there is an option to get bigger sizes, but as magnets go they are a really practical size and they hold a decent amount of weight as well. For £9.50 for a sheet of 9 magnets, I think they would make excellent gifts for grandparents, particularly ones like on my in-law's side who actually collect fridge magnets. To summarise, the magnets do exactly what they say on the tin, are of a good quality and would make a great one time gift for a relative. For what they are, I think £9.50 is a tiny bit over priced, but this cost clearly offsets the worldwide free delivery hook. Take a look and decide for yourself, but remember to use the code DAD125 to get a 25% discount.

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Do You Dream

I'm a little bit of a deep thinker. Sometimes I'm guilty of overanalysing things and reading something complex within a simplistic idea. Dreams fascinate me. I know that dreams are a manifestation of our mind continuing to work long after we have gone to sleep and the images are the result of us subconsciously playing with thoughts that linger on our minds. They are also the brain's way of deciphering the events of the day and coming to terms with your experiences. As I sit here at half past 3 in the morning having woken from what was quite possibly one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had, and while I believe it was just my brain metaphorically dumping its garbage all in one go, I do have some idea of what it all means. Or maybe I'm just making the events fit the facts through the vision of hindsight; none the less I felt compelled to put it down in writing before I forgot it, plus having just had a can of diet coke, and no matter how cold and refreshing it was, I don't think I'm getting back to sleep so may as well do something to occupy my time.

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The Love All Dads Awards

Blogging as a parent is predominantly filled with mum bloggers. The inescapably huge Britmums, Netmums, Mumsnet and many others, all create an environment that mums are the only people with anything worth saying on parenting, simply by the use of the word 'mum' in the title. They do however embrace dads. I am an active member of all 3 organisations and have never once felt ostracised or inadequate, just because I'm a dad, the same can't be said for dropping kids off at school, but that's a different story. My point is, that much like women trying to break into professional football, the change of men being accepted into parenting societies is glacial. It is organisations like LoveAllDads that lead the way in championing all men as parents and those who choose to become stay at home dads, and in return we should support it and all of the other organisations that work so hard on our behalf. One way you can show your support is by voting for your favourite daddy blogger in the LoveAllDads awards. Anyone can nominate, but the person you nominate has to be a daddy blogger, except in the Best Non Dad Blog 2014 award. Read more to find out how to nominate your favourite daddy blogger with LoveAllDads.

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My Sunday Photo

#MySundayPhoto on 7 Sep 14 is of my beautiful wife Vikki having a breakfast at Café Rouge in Covent Garden having just watched Matilda the night before. Today is our 7th wedding anniversary and I couldn't be more delighted that this extraordinarily wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, courageous, strong woman had chosen to spend the rest of her life with me. We have our ups and downs, we argue, we fight, and life isn't always rosy, but the love I feel from and for her runs deep. We are almost complete opposites, yet we fit, we click and we work. In the words of the walrus of love, she is truly my first, my last my everything.

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7 Thoughts From 7 Years of Marriage

On 7 Sep 2007, Vikki and I got married. We always knew we would get married, from the first moments we shared together and even though the odds (and her family) were against the relationship at first, 7 years and 2 kids later, we are stronger than ever and I think her family like me. We met whilst I was leaving the Army (I rejoined again some time later). The trade I joined didn't pay to teach you how to drive, so before going into civilian life I decided to enrol on an intensive driving course in Chester. On arrival at the farmhouse where I would be staying for the duration of the course, a young 18 year old girl, wearing far too much make up and big black hair wrapped in a big collared fur gilet answered the door. Despite the makeup and the 4 inch eye lashes, when she smiled a smile so big it showed all of her teeth and her little nose crinkled, I was completely in awe. The other students who had already arrived were heading into the village to get a drink and get to know one another and she invited me to join them. By the end of that night I knew I would love this girl for the rest of my life. Needless to say, 2 kids and plenty of ups and downs later, we are stronger than ever. I love you Vikki, with all of my heart, but here are 7 things that I have learned about marriage along the way.

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